Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Introducing... The Time Capsule

This time last year, members of The Senior Section from across the Midlands packed their bags for a weekend of fun and planning at Blackwell Court in Bromsgrove. As well as getting to take part in a range of adventurous activities, we spent lots of time coming up with some fabulous ideas of how to celebrate the centenary in style. After much deliberation, we whittled the final list of activities down to a few we wanted to pursue further. You’ve already heard about Carnival Fever and will no doubt be hearing more soon as the centenary year fast approaches. And I am proud to be introducing another project we are running as part of the celebrations.
I volunteered to take the lead on this particular project, alongside Tasha and Frances. We’re all members of The Senior Section in the Midlands and also hold roles within Brownie units. It’s so great that we’re getting to plan an event for people in the same section as us and we’re really excited to see the finished product! So drum roll please and I will present our project...
We’re creating a time capsule. Now before the mutters of “we’ve done that before” or “that’s so overdone” begin, let me tell you that it is a time capsule with a difference. Rather than filling a box and digging a hole, we’ve decided to create a virtual time capsule.
Now I hear you ask, what is a virtual time capsule? Well, it is a website that will show the best bits of the centenary for everyone to see. All members of the Senior Section across the Midlands (including their Leaders) will be able to add content to the website, sharing text, photos and videos of events and activities they have taken part in.
It’s a great way to share ideas and see what other members of the Senior Section are doing to celebrate 100 years! Please look out for more details about our project later in the year, as well as other exciting events brought to you by Girlguiding Midlands. 
Hannah Yates- Team Time Capsule